Earn money by promoting the INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Evaluations

The process is super easy:

1. You need a
PayPal account to receive your commissions. If you don't already have one, you can sign up here for free.

Sign up as an INTEGRALHUMANDESIGN Affiliate here. Have your PayPal email address ready for this step. You will receive an email from Samcart (our provider) that confirms the approval of your account.

3.Your new Affiliate Dashboard will look like this. Copy your unique
Affiliate Link (lower right corner!) -
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4. Share your Affiliate Link with your clients and friends. Or use it if you want to gift somebody an Evaluation.

You can log in to your
Affiliate Dashboard and check your stats any time here

We will automatically pay 20% commission to your PayPal email address for any Evaluation ordered through your Affiliate Link.*)
Commissions were pending for 30 days in the past but from now on will be paid once a month at the end of the month.
*) The minimum payout amount is $40 for the first payout (because we had people sign up just to get a discount on their personal order, and that is not the idea of an affiliate program).

Why 20%? As you might know, these Evaluations are customized. We draw them up in person and by hand. Once we have an automated service we will be happy to give you 50%.

For technical reasons we cannot yet include
- our webinars, and
- orders paid in EUR,
in the affiliate program. We will notify you when this becomes possible.

In case of any questions please email us directly
here, or by clicking on ‘Contact us’ on the bottom right.

We appreciate your cooperation and support, and we wish you much success with this little extra income stream.

Best wishes,
Laura and Werner
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